People skills versus Knowledge skills

Recently I facilitated the doHow® Engineering Graduate Success Edition Engagement Game sessions for ..


Growth and transparency

Do you think that transparency can hinder growth? Well, I believe that transparency is one of the fu..


Better than the Best!

Even in present-day’s context we keep waging wars – against the competition, against the system inef..


Transformation Paradox

In today’s VUCA* world transformation is surely an essential necessity for businesses and companies ..


Poor sales = poor back office support: True or False?

Growth, sales and revenue are a common unsurmountable challenge for most of the companies I interact..


Reviews/Timeouts – useful or useless!

I developed the doHow™ methodology based on my international multi location corporate experience in ..


Have we stopped vividly imagining?

Way back in 1980s I used to visit my cousin’s library in 8th block almost every day to pick up a boo..


5 Secrets of creating ownership to goals.

I first learnt about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs during the 80s in my UG course on Behavioural Scien..


Effective Meetings – are they a myth?

During the early 1990s when I was working as a Group Leader in Manufacturing Engineering in the Bosc..


Effective Presentations

Yesterday few people, highly effective in their respective roles as individual contributors, came to..


Lead Generation

Pressure to generate LEADS, convince the potential customers and get RFQ’s, rapidly make PROPOSALS/O..


Can optimism be an impediment?

The mood was upbeat with positive vibes in the recent Make in Karnataka conference organized by the ..


Inspirational leadership for all!

During my early corporate career, I used to mostly prepare the presentations for my bosses to succes..


Learning from sports on scoring and scoreboards.

You either were associated with or are still associated with Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Volley..


Is Industry 4.0 the 4th revolution in manufacturing industry?

Mechanisation with water power (Waterwheel) and steam power (Steam turbine) is considered to as the ..


25% Share from Manufacturing

I believe you are doing fine and got quite a few insights from the various recent annual networking ..


Competing in a Cashless Economy

I believe you are doing fine and have been able to tide over the demonetisation of 500 and 1,000 Rup..


How to improve the success rate of your Start-up?

STARTUP is like a baby. As is the case with life needing the parents to be hale and healthy to avoid..


What I learnt the most as a startup Consultancoach?

One evening during 1997 around 16:00 in Stuttgart, when I was working as the technical assistant to ..


How to master your soft skills naturally?

It is really amazing as an adult to see pre-school and nursery kids naturally befriend without any i..


Want to know how STRATEGY can be effectively deployed?

Normally for a simple routine task a STRATEGY isn't needed at all, since all the variables are known..


Want to how the PLANNING STRETCH can be used for consistent target fulfilment?

It is quite common, especially when we are travelling to reach on time, to always start with a small..


Want to know how THROUGHPUT can consistently be increased?

The THROUGHPUT is the value generated in any business for their customers. Increasing the THROUGHPUT..


Want to know why PROCESS VARIABLES are important for manufacturing zero defects?

Manufacturing activity involves processes which are influenced by the Material, Machine, Measurement..


Want to know why GOALS & TARGETS are important for success?

Time, 24h in a day with ~8h of productive time for everyone, being the main limitation to the lot of..


Want to know why CURRENT REALITY is important for success?

The CURRENT REALITY at any given point of time is perceived by an individual based on the understand..


Want to know why BALLOONING is important for manufacturing zero defects?

Any product or component manufacturing in today's world has a set of clear specifications for variou..


Want to know why PURPOSE is important for success?

Any action, both conscious and unconscious, that one performs in, as human beings, can be linked to ..


Want to know why INFORMATION is important for success?

One's decisions are always based on the perception of the current reality, sometimes based on hard f..


Want to know why PEOPLE are important for success?

Family, relatives, friends, peers, superiors, subordinates, partners, customers, clients, vendors, s..


We need a Revolution in Manufacturing!!!

When I analysed the development of some macro indicators like Sectoral GDP, Manufacturing/Services P..


Management Review Meeting

The management review meeting is one of the most important practices for any business. The key succe..


Productivity Improvement

Way back in 1990s when I was in Curitiba, Brazil, I was in a leadership task force as part of the TQ..


Chaos or Order on the 70th Independence Day of India

I got this thought of Chaos or Order, today on the 70th Independence Day of India, as I recollected ..


Are you thrilled with managing your business?

I am sure an entrepreneur, of course is thrilled with the success, but always has the next challenge..


Why was the doHow™ APP developed?

Over a period of 5 years in Germany, I worked on developing good business practices and deployment i..


The biggest entrepreneurship challenge

One of the main differences between being employed and being an entrepreneur is accountability. Whi..


Becoming an Entrepreneur

More than 90% of the start-ups failing is a very troublesome fact, especially since these are the fo..


Is the 7+% Indian GDP Growth in a sluggish economy real?

Let me start with the global economic growth at 2.4% in 2015 with the mature economies contributing ..


How to plan a ZERO defect process?

Shyam who is part of the doHow™ Animation was finding it extremely difficult to plan the measurement..


Clearing the mind

Shyam who is part of the doHow™ Animation was finding it extremely difficult to listen actively..



Information being available in abundance in today’s world of internet, consistently catalysing ..


Introduction to doHow™

In today's world of internet, information being readily available, consistently catalysing just the ..


Do you get annoyed with indiscipline?

Yesterday I was intrigued with the chaotic Bengaluru early morning traffic as I drove to Leela Palac..


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I got a very interesting insight last week as I remembered my German stay for almost 8 years. The ma..


Employee Performance and Competency Assessment

Recently I attended a NHRD event in Bengaluru - a panel discussion in groups on “What does it take t..


Scarce Resources for Sustainable Profitable Growth

Scarce Resources in general is a result of demand exceeding supply. It was quite enlightening to me,..


Standards for Sustainable Profitable Growth

I have been going to various companies from various industries like, manufacturing, construction, ho..


Result Orientation

Long time ago a few friends used to play football just for fun. One fine day..


Clarity of Thought

I recently had a short conversation with a start-up entrepreneur stuck on what areas to focus on. He..


Manufacturing Competetiveness

Last week on Friday, 7th November 2013, during the national quality summit organized by the CII..


Cascaded Reviews

Imagine how it would have been if our bodies needed our conscious..


Targets and Metrics

Closed loop control is what that creates magical precision be it video recording of the trajectory o..


Role and Goal Clarity

The most important factor that ensures good team work is establishing the role and..


Delighted Stakeholders

Any business can only sustain if its stakeholders are satisfied and can flourish if its stakeholders..


Sustainable Success

The saying success breeds success is very true even for organizations. Precisely this..


Leadership Team Voice

Let me start this blog by going straight to the point on leadership team having one voice...


Organisation Purpose

I am writing this blog after a long as I am stuck in a traffic jam. The purpose, a noble one, is ..


Organizational Success Factors

In the enclosed slide I have listed the key success factors that..


Facilitating Self-Discovery

Last week I had the opportunity of facilitating some people self-discover the factors that lead to t..



I thought of sharing the questions I ask myself for my self-discovery to continuously ..



Personally I developed clarity on my mission of ..


Organisational Health Check - Excellence Rhythms for 2012

In order to maintain our own health we perform rhythmic tasks for both our mind and body...


Coansulting and Coaching

I was really surprised to realise that the intended benefits from a good ERP system have mainly been..


Business Health Check

We normally think of money and head count as the necessary resources to do a business. I am of..


Executive Coaching

The main emphasis in Executive Coaching is to catalyse the self discovery of the approaches..


Profitable 15% CAGR

Growth is essential to maintain any business. With the GDP growing at 8.6% CAGR in India, a CAGR of ..


Learning Cycle

I have used the following questions regarding the PDCA and SDCA that are the backbone of any..


Perpetual Learning

We all know the saying "Sharing knowledge will increase knowledge". Not only do we know the saying, ..


Sustainable Performance

In organizations it is quite easy to produce exceptional results once or occasionally against all po..