Growth and transparency

Do you think that transparency can hinder growth? Well, I believe that transparency is one of the fundamental cultural barriers to growth.


The doHow®, I have developed fundamentally involves the entire team responsible for achieving amazing business outcomes in one session for identifying the individual and collective immediate actionable measures through collaborative discovery. When I say then entire team, many a times it involves peers from other functions, bosses, super bosses and even subordinates collectively and intensely work of generating insights for achieving the amazing outcomes.


I have experienced that in professionally run multi-national companies, normally run only by salaried employees, the people from various hierarchy levels sometime find it strange, mostly in the initial game rounds, to be collaboratively thinking. However, after some rounds, they feel at ease to collaboratively think along with their bosses, super bosses, peers and subordinates.


Whereas, in companies where the person occupying a position is possibly the most important success factor for achieving amazing outcomes, as against the management system playing an equally important role in professionally run multi-national companies, such a collaborative discovery along with the team is extremely challenging to all the participants.


I compared these two situations 1) People from multiple hierarchies jointly collaborating to achieve the amazing outcome and 2) People just from 1 or two hierarchy levels collaborating. Comparing the performance levels in both these situations, it was obvious that the 1st one delivered amazing outcomes, whereas the 2nd one consistently delivered mediocre outcomes.


You can relate to both the situations in your organizations too.


Well, what are the reasons for this contrasting outcomes? Individually both the leaders were good at what they do. The 1st leader always delegated the end outcome, whereas the 2nd leader delegated intermediate outcomes, many a times conflicting goals in-between the team members. Of course, one can attribute this to the leadership style. Can, how the delegation is done, be the key to achieving amazing outcomes? Can, how delegation is done, be the key to the team working culture? Can, how the delegation is done, be the key to people engagement? Of course, I believe it is a clear YES!


I have listed some of the key factors external to a leader that drive these delegation styles:


  1. Management Systems
  2. Cascaded goal setting
  3. Cascaded reporting and reviews
  4. “Divide and Rule” principle
  5. “Mistake Handling” culture
  6. Talent management


I conclude that organizations capable of collaboratively discovering the strategies followed by a structured reporting and review will consistently be able to achieve amazing outcomes, thus continuously consolidating their market position.


Happy reading!