About Consultancoaching

"Consultancoaching" is a combination of the necessary expertise and domain knowhow for consultancy and necessary ability to catalyse thinking as a coach, so that one can self-discover and implement the "Best-in-Class" practices.

Consultancoaching ROI

As per the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Global Coaching Client Study the median individual ROI was at 344% (3.44 times the investment) and the company ROI at 700% (7 times the investment). Consultancoaching ROI would be at least at the coaching ROI levels. Some of the impact areas with Consultancoaching are Job satisfaction, Work-life-balance, Teamwork, Motivation, Relationships with Vendors and Clients, Productivity, Innovation, Top Line, Predictability, Bottom Line, etc.

Benefits confirmed with existing Clients:
✔ Upto 50% productivity improvement
✔ Upto 70% reduction in throughput time
✔ Upto 50% reduction in defects
✔ Upto 50% reduction in inventory
✔ Reduction in Receivables from >6M to <2M

✔ >98% On-time in Full (OTIF) initially committed date based Due Date Performance
✔ Upto 40% growth
✔ Upto 50% improvement in profitability
✔ Total internalization of the introduced practices
✔ Significant reduction in MANAGEMENT ATTENTION

Brand Identity

Our brand identity is comprised of four main elements – the mission, values, vision, and the logo. Together, these capture and define who we are and what differentiates us.

Our Mission

Creating World Class Companies and Exceptional Leaders with an Identity linked to Innovation, Quality, Value Addition, Dependability, Learning, Inclusive Growth and Sustainability.

Our Vision

Create more than 100 exceptional leaders and world class companies through Consultancoaching.

Our Values

Financial Stability for Sustained CSR Activities
Responsibility towards Customers, Industry and Society
Networking through Confidentiality, Reliability, Openness and Trust


L2L System is a closed loop management system with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly control and improvement loops. Each of these loops is based on the Plan/Standard | Do | Check | Act cycles for continuous improvement. This big picture provides the basic structure of the management system for sustainable profitable growth.

doHow® APP, a real-time coach for SKILL DEVELOPMENT, is based on the introspective peer learning methodology and contains insightful questions on the basics covering the reference, triggers, recap, checklist of key success factors, scorecard of the key success metrics, self and coach rating for various professional and personal success practices. doHow® can be mass deployed instantaneously in the local language for accomplishing impossible missions like

  1. global standardisation of the thinking process
  2. rapidly improving low performing weaker units
  3. real-time remote handholding vendors/partners for enhancing their skills to achieve consistency in performance
  4. effectively catalysing the practicing of any new learning till it becomes a SKILL
  5. creation of new thinking, paradigms and habits for transforming an organisation.

L2L Essence is based on neuroscience and the little understanding of the brain and mind for bridging the gap between knowing and doing – the key differentiator for sustainable success. Using the L2L Essence anyone can unleash the enormous amount of hidden potential in each one of us and become a whole person and start tapping unlimited cosmic energy to recreating habits necessary for sustainable success.