Samuthána with its mission of Creating World-class Companies and Exceptional Leaders offers Consultancoaching services for achieving sustainable profitable growth to businesses as well as individuals under the leadership of Dinakar Murthy Krishna, the Managing Founder Partner of Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP, who has worked in various leadership roles in Bangalore, Jaipur, Stuttgart and Curitiba and held positions such as Director in Robert Bosch GmbH, Vice President and Plant Manager in Bosch Limited, President (Operations) in Total Environment. He is both strategy and operational excellence focused, value based and hands-on leader with 30+ years of cross-functional international experience. He speaks German and Portuguese fluently apart from a few Indian languages.

Dinakar completed his graduation in Industrial Production Engineering from BMS College of Engineering. He has been certified as a Master Spirit Life Coach, a Corporate Director and an expert in Business Excellence. As a Senior Assessor for the CII/EXIM Business Excellence Award he has assessed several 1000+ crore Companies.

Excellent performance of samples followed by inconsistent quality during mass production is what always intrigued Dinakar. The consistency and reliability, especially in the manufactured goods, being a big gap to be filled prompted him to deepen the study of organisations. The successful entities always had owned the good practices that existed. However, with the others the good practices existed only till such time that an external intervention existed.

Consultancoaching was thus evolved to ensure that the good practices are self-discovered for sustenance. The doHow® web and Android APP, a real-time coach for skill development based on introspective peer learning methodology, is now available for everyone to internalize the good practices on their own.

Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP is thus creating world-class companies and exceptional leaders.